"I am not an ideology!"
LGBTQ+ Poland 

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 Since the PiS party became the sole government in Poland, the country has been transforming itself dangerously into a country that is hostile to Europe, migrants, women and queers.

Fueled by homophobic rhetoric from the ruling party, LGBTQ + people across the country are facing hostility.
By August 2019, around 30 different municipalities and districts in Poland had been declared "LGBT ideology-free zones" and it was not until 2021 that four out of five voivodships withdrew the measures due to financial pressure from the EU commissions.

The leader of the PiS, Jarosław Kaczyński, criticized the Warsaw Mayor's pro-LGBTQ declaration in 2019 as an “attack on family and children” and described LGBTQ as an “imported” ideology.
During his presidential election campaign, today's Polish President Andrzej Duda describes the LGBTQ+ community not as people, but as an ideology that is more destructive than communism.

My work starts right there. I show LGBTQ+ people, not as ideology, but as normal people, according to the motto "Human is Human" and "Love is Love"

I started the project after the 2020 lockdown and have continued since then. 2021 alone 55 portraits have been created and a total of over 105 people have already been portrayed. 
The goal is at least 150 persons.


Since 2022 the project is funded by VG Bildkunst. 




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